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Transplant Industries Pty. Ltd. was established some 20 years ago and has primarily been involved in the transplantation of large trees and palms for the horticultural industry throught Sydney, NSW Australia & The Asia Pacific

Our work has been mainly for large private companies and government agencies.

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We have been instrumental in designing and building a jacking system for the moving of the larger trees and believe we are the leaders in this field.

This was shown as we were awarded the contract to move the majority of the trees at the Sydney Olympic Games Site. The largest tree being a ficus macrophylla, weighing some 280 tonnes.

We were also responsible for the transport by barge of 90 figs trees comprising six separate trips, a 1000 kilometres down the Australian coast from the Queensland/New South Wales border to Sydney Harbour and then to their final planting spot at the Sydney Olympic site at Homebush.

Peter Wild - Peter has some 30 years of experience in all aspects of tree moving and is very well known within the horticultural industry. Peter has been called upon on many occasions, both formally and informally as a consultant by many companies in order to advise of the viability of moving certain trees and the best practices to use when trees are to be moved.

The Company also owns and operates a 40 acre nursery at Peats Ridge, just north of Sydney. The nursery is also used to store and maintain trees when necessary. Often clients wish us to take a tree away and return it when the works on the site are complete.